Scientific Lectures

  • 26-Mar-10
  • 25-Mar-10

PIMS Special Seminar: Richard Brualdi (Wisconsin-Madison)

(0,1)-Matrices and Nonnegative Eigenvalues    more››

University of Victoria

  • 24-Mar-10
  • 23-Mar-10

Nonlinear waves: from beaches to lasers

University of Saskatchewan

  • 23-Mar-10
  • 19-Mar-10
  • 16-Mar-10
  • 15-Mar-10

PIMS Distinguished Chair Lecture Series - Michael P. Lamoureux

Properties of Gabor Multipliers for Physical Modeling    Abstract:We present techniques developed for numerical modeling of wave propagation, and source-signature removal in seismic imaging, based on   more››

University of Regina

  • 15-Mar-10