IGTC Events

  • 19-Nov-13

Discrete Math Seminar: Dan Archdeacon

Embedding complete graphs with every triangle a face   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 27-May-13
  • 14-Jun-13

PIMS IGTC Mathematical Biology Summer School

The Mathematics Behind Biological Invasions   more››

University of Alberta

  • 8-Nov-12
  • 12-Oct-12
  • 14-Oct-12

IGTC in Mathematical Biology Annual Summit

This year's annual summit celebrates graduate students and their research in mathematical biology at PIMS universities through three main scientific events: - research talk and graduate-level workshop in interacting particle sys   more››

Naramata Centre, Naramata, BC

  • 14-Jul-11
  • 16-Jul-11

Mathematical Biology Workshop and IGTC Summit

 Mathematical Biology is an important growing area of Applied Mathematics, and Canada has active researchers in a number of current areas including the two focal topics of our proposed workshop: mathematical physiology (particularly ge   more››

University of Victoria

  • 4-Jan-11
  • 31-Mar-11
  • 1-Oct-10
  • 3-Oct-10

IGTC Summit and Workshop 2010

Naramata Centre, Naramata, BC

  • 8-Sep-10
  • 9-Dec-10
  • 10-May-10
  • 2-Jun-10

Mathematics for Biological Networks

Diseases on networks and neuronal networks   more››

University of Victoria

  • 27-Jul-09
  • 14-Aug-09

Models in Ecology

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

  • 24-Jul-09
  • 26-Jul-09

IGTC Summit and Workshop 2009

University of British Columbia

  • 4-May-09
  • 28-May-09
  • 30-Jul-08
  • 2-Aug-08

Society for Mathematical Biology Conference

For more information, please visit the external site at: http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/CMM/08-09/SMB/   more››

University of Toronto

  • 23-May-08

Critical mass in a generalized Smoluchowski-Poisson system

Please see the attached lecture notes.   more››

University of Alberta

  • 11-May-08
  • 12-Jun-08

IGTC Graduate Summer School in Mathematical Biology

The summer school will consist of a one month long graduate course, given by Leah Edelstein-Keshet, with three guest instructors: Profs.   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 7-Apr-08

Identifiability and Control of Biological Systems

Please see the attached lecture notes.   more››

University of Alberta

  • 1-Apr-08
  • 31-Mar-08

The Evolutionary Biology of Autoimmune Disease

Please see the attached lecture notes.   more››

University of Alberta

  • 18-Mar-08

Novel strategies for G-CSF support of severe prolonged neutropenia

We develop, in an axiomatic fashion, structurally stable mathematical equations that describe the G-CSF -neutrophil dynamics (the majority of the white blood cells are neutrophils. G- CSF is a factor that may be injected to help patients p   more››

University of British Columbia