Vishaal Rajani

The Mathematical Analysis of Single Particle Tracking

Single Particle Tracking (SPT) is a method used to study the diffusion of various biomolecules within the cell, including membrane proteins. SPT involves tagging proteins with fluorescent labels and observing their individual trajectories with a microscope. The resulting trajectory can provide important information about protein movement. Using data from SPT experiments, I hope to explore the limitations of current methods used to analyze biomolecule movement, and to develop alternative analytical methods, such as those derived from the analysis of animal movement. Due to the potentially broad application of these analytical techniques, this work will have implications not only for cellular biology, but for the analysis of ecological data as well. This research is done in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Cairo (University of Alberta), Dr. Gustavo Carrero (Athabasca University) and is supervised by Dr. Gerda de Vries (University of Alberta).