Cory Simon

I grew up and studied to earn my B.Sc. in chemical engineering in Ohio. After my first year, I was a research assistant in a bioprocess engineering lab in the chemical engineering department. I grew cyanobacteria under different conditions to manipulate them into producing hydrogen to ultimately be used in a fuel cell. This experience opened the door for my co-op at Bridgestone Americas Center for Research and Technology. At this industrial research facility, I worked on the scale-up of a novel, research-stage polymerization process. I enjoyed my co-op experience, but my favorite part about chemical engineering was the mathematics involved. I took on a modeling project of a solidification process with the mathematics department at my university to gauge my interest in mathematics. I decided that I really liked modeling and simulation. As a result, I participated in an NSF-funded REU at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, where I worked on an age-dependent mathematical model for the H1N1/09 influenza pandemic. After this, I was confident that I wanted to study mathematics more.

Here at UBC, I am currently working on a project with Dr. Leah Keshet that involves modeling the pattern formation of proteins on the surface of a biological cell during a wound healing process. We have a collaborator at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. William Bement, whose lab performed the experiments on which our model is based. I am also interested in discrete, stochastic modeling of reaction-diffusion-advection processes. Please see my personal website for more detailed and up-to-date information