Math Biology Seminar: Sarafa Iyaniwura

  • Date: 03/27/2019
  • Time: 14:45
Sarafa Iyaniwura, UBC

University of British Columbia


Instability triggered by a single defective cell among a group of cells in a two-dimensional domain


We formulated and analyzed a class of coupled cell-bulk PDE-ODE model for describing communication between localized spatially segregated dynamically active signallying compartments of common small radius, which are coupled through a passive bulk diffusion in a two-dimensional domain. Each of these cells secret some chemical into the medium, and can also sense the concentration of this chemical around their boundary, which in turn leads to the activation of signaling pathways within the cells that enable them adjust their intracellular dynamics. In the limit where the bulk diffusion coefficient is asymptotically large, the method of matched asymptotic expansions is used to reduce the coupled PDE-ODE model into a system of ODEs. This system further studied to investigate the existence of instability through Hopf bifurcation that is triggered by a single defective cell among a group of identical cells. Furthermore, we studied the effect of the effective area of the domain on the synchronization of the intracellular dynamics of the cell.

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Location: ESB 4127