Greetings from PIMS!

Here is a list of events from around the sites.


Coming up in September 2012


13 September - PIMS-VanBUG Seminar in Vancouver


19-21 September - PIMS Hot Topics Workshop on Computational Criminology at Simon Fraser University


The goal of this workshop is to bring together mathematicians with an interest in working on crime modeling and analysis with researchers directly connected with real-world problems. This is a workshop based on computational criminology, an emerging field that takes the growing need for improved ways to use mathematics and computational techniques in understanding crime patterns and in developing methods for predicting and forecasting crime. The workshop will have mathematicians and a group of PhD students and Post-Docs interested in the field as the core group with a small number of theoretical criminologists working in the field. It will include presentations by mathematicians, special activities designed for the PhD students/Postdocs as well think-tank sessions for the mathematicians and criminologists. The location of ICURS (Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies) on the SFU campus with their expertise and database on urban criminology is an additional attractive feature of this event.


26 September - PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Ben Green (Cambridge) at the University of British Columbia


28 September - PIMS/UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Eva Bayer (EPFL Lausanne) at the University of British Columbia




PIMS is proud to announce that Melania Alvarez, PIMS's BC Education Coordinator, is the recipient of the Canadian Mathematical Society's 2012 Adrien Pouliot Award in recognition of her contributions to mathematics education in Canada.


Alexei Kitaev (Caltech) received one of nine Fundamental Physics Prizes, awarding $3 million to recognize transformative advances in the field.  Kitaev visited UBC for a month in 2006 as a PIMS Distinguished Chair, as part of the Collaborative Research Group on Quantum Topology.


PIMS-UBC has moved to its new location in the Earth Sciences Building! We are still unpacking, but are very excited about our new surroundings!  Please note our change of address for any mailings: PIMS - UBC Site Office | University of British Columbia | 4176-2207 Main Mall | Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4 | Canada