Industry Travel Grants


PIMS-affiliated researchers in the mathematics sciences are invited to apply for personal conference support (travel, accommodation and registration fees) for the purpose of presenting research results at industry-focused conferences that they would not normally attend. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate a clear potential to develop collaborative research projects with industrial partners. This is an open call without deadline.


All applications for travel funding should include the following seven sections: 

1. Name and affiliation of applicant.

2. Proposed industry conference.
  • name, date, location, and webpage of the conference, and a short description of the industry.

3. Title of proposed talk.

4. Short summary or abstract of talk.

5. Description of the relevance of the research to the particular industry, and potential for collaborative work.

6. Total funding requested, to a maximum of $1500 CDN.

7. List of industrial conferences attended in the last three years.


Completed applications should be submitted to PIMS Innovation Coordinator, Michael Lamoureux at


Up to ten awards are available for 2017. Successful applicants will receive reimbursement upon confirmation of presentation at the conference, submission of a list of industry contacts developed at the meeting (research personnel and/or senior managers) and a standard travel claim with expense receipts.

Award is subject to availability of funds; late applications may be considered.