PIMS - University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia PIMS site office is located in the Earth Sciences Building at the University of British Columbia (Map | Contact).


Current Events

  • 30-May-18

Math Biology Seminar: Alejandra Herrera

Identifying unique observations in stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) with a spatiotemporal model.   more››

Scientific Event

  • 6-Jun-18

Math Biology Seminar: Denise Daley

Geat Gene Rush   more››

Scientific Event

  • 13-Jun-18

Math Biology Seminar: Matthew Osmond

Evolutionary Rescue   more››

Scientific Event

  • 19-Jun-18

Math Biology Seminar: Mattia Bacca

A model for the contraction of polymer gels created by the activity of molecular motors   more››

Scientific Event

  • 7-Aug-18
  • 17-Aug-18

Diversity in Mathematics

Scientific Event

  • 20-Sep-18
  • 19-Oct-18

PIMS UBC-Math Distinguished Colloquium: Jeremy Quastel

CRM-Fields-PIMS prize lecture: TBA   more››

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