Summer Camp Opportunities for Aboriginal Students

The Mathematics Departments at UBC and SFU along with the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) are offering two summer camp opportunities for aboriginal students.


Both camps are free.


Transitional Summer Camp


This is for students transitioning from grade 7 to grade 8, the transition from elementary to high school. This five week summer camp will take place at Britannia Secondary. The main purpose of this camp is to help students to get ready for high school. Students will take 75 minutes instruction in math and English everyday in the morning and sport activities in the afternoon. The camp is free and the students will get $25 scholarship for good attendance and work ethics every week. There is more information in the attached registration form.


An application form for this program will be available here shortly.


Emerging Aboriginal Scholars UBC/SFU High School Summer Camps - July 2nd to August 1st


This five week summer camp is for students currently attending grades 9 to 12. The main purpose of this camp is to help students with their academics and for them to get work experience at the university. Students take 90 minutes of math and English every day and three days a week they will be working with a faculty member in the area of their choice. Students will get $100 a week for 7.5 hours of work experience. The summer camp will take place at UBC or SFU (please indicate your preferred camp site on the application form). Last year we had students working with the nuclear accelerator, and working at labs in the physics and chemistry departments, among other opportunities.


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IMPORTANT: Camp Information

->   Emerging Scholars Application Form - CLOSING DATE May 27th 2014


->   Emerging Scholars Independent Study Booklet


->   Emerging Scholars Math Questionnaire


N.B. Students who have been accepted for the program will be sent a further disclaimer form to be completed prior to the start of the camp.


Completed forms should be returned it to PIMS by any of the following methods



Please scan the completed form and email it to


Completed forms may be faxed to 604-822-0883


Completed forms may be posted to PIMS at the following address

  Melania Alvarez
  Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
  4176-2207 Main Mall Annex
  University of British Columbia
  Vancouver, BC

  V6T 1Z4